Help Desk

You'll notice a purple icon at the bottom right of the screen on most WorkHub pages. Clicking the icon will open up a "beacon" where you can search our TM Library of FAQs, documents, and articles (you're here right now!), or you can submit a Help Desk ticket by clicking Ask at the top of beacon. You can also browse our TM Library knowledge base by clicking the Library icon at the top of the new Transcription and My Account pages.

Submit a Ticket

Click Ask to submit a ticket to our Help Desk. Click the IMPORTANT Select your situation dropdown, being sure to select the most appropriate reason to ensure the quickest and most accurate response. You'll be able to view your Previous Conversations to see the status of your ticket directly from this beacon - no separate Help Desk login required! Alternatively, you can still email for urgent hub-related queries and for general, non-urgent queries.

WorkHub Tickets

You'll notice there are specific dropdowns for Transcribers who've lost or accidentally submitted a job, QAs who have lost, found, accidentally submitted, or need an extension on a session, and an option for reporting silent/foreign files.

If you have a specific query regarding the guidelines of a job or session you're working on, please select Active File Query / Requesting a File for the quickest response. This is the catch-all category for anything urgent and WorkHub related that does not fall into one of the other categories.Please ONLY select PayPal withdrawal issue if your weekly withdrawal was unsuccessful and you are sure that:

  • You had at least a $10 minimum available to withdraw
  • You withdrew before the pay cutoff for the week
  • Your PayPal address is correct and contains no typos

Please allow three business days to receive a response regarding withdrawal issues, as this requires coordination with our Finance department.

Check out this video for further details on submitting a ticket:

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