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Clean Verbatim - TM Style

CV Style Guide

TM's default Clean Verbatim style with in-depth explanations

7 articles

Grammar & Mechanics

Here a comma, there a comma; where, oh where should I put a comma?!

7 articles

Handbooks, Guides & FAQs

Transcriber Handbook

A Complete Guide to TM's Transcription Interface

9 articles

Transcriber FAQs

The most commonly asked questions - and answers from experienced members

32 articles

Sessions Handbook

Essential info for QAs: 2Step, QuickStep, Stampers, and ASR

16 articles


It's not easy being a QA... Common QA issues and solutions

3 articles

Team Guides

Accents and Stampers and FV, oh my! Advanced ASR? Give it a try!

7 articles

TM Info

WorkHub Navigation Guide

Your guide to navigating the TM worker landscape

8 articles

Working at TranscribeMe

All about working and advancing with TranscribeMe!

7 articles

Tools, Tips & How-Tos

Tips & How-Tos

Streamline your efforts and increase your accuracy with these articles

4 articles

Helpful Equipment

Supplementary tools to make your transcription journey a success

5 articles