Who's Who at TM

TranscribeMe has many different divisions, which include Finance, Tech, Sales, Operations, and Support. Therefore, this is not an exhaustive list but the people you may see or hear about most often. On TM Watercooler, they'll be identifiable by the [TM] following their names.


  • Nathan Pikover - COO

    Nathan is the Chief Operating Officer, responsible for Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Support.

  • Emma Davies - Operations Manager

    Ruling over all the English Language Segment of Operations, Emma is our shining star of Ops. She has been with TM longer than she'd probably care to admit, so if there's something that should be known, Emma knows it! Fun, caring, and Kiwi, she's probably the friendliest face you'll see at TM. She also likes cucumbers.

  • Michelle Moll - Head of Support / Executive Account Manager

    Michelle joined TM as a transcriber back in 2016 and has since served in various roles throughout TM. This allowed her to see the workings of the other sides of TM, mainly because she is nosy and just has to know all the stuff. This unique insight has led to Michelle taking on a new role at TM. She is now our Client Whisperer, responsible for the administration of the Support and Sales Support teams, while becoming the main communication focal point between the clients, Ops, Sales and Finance, and helping Nathan keep his stuff straight.

  • Heike Friel - Assistant

    Heike serves as an assistant to Michelle Moll.

English Language Segment

Training Team

The OPs Training team creates, monitors, and manages TranscribeMe's exams, as well as providing feedback and training. They are also responsible for onboarding new transcribers.

Training Team Admin
  • Joieda T. (pronounced joy-duh) - Assistant General Project Lead

    Joieda is our Project Lead for First Draft Champions as well as assisting the other project leads with overseeing the general teams. Joieda also looks after our special projects that involve creating typed documents for handwritten documents.

  • Jessica K. - Assistant General Transcriber Lead

    Jessica is responsible for activating and welcoming general transcribers, a friendly Help Desk face, and transcriber reviews.

  • Kim B. - Training and Accent Coordinator

    Kim is responsible for creating and maintaining most of the English exams on the TM platform, as well as the Commonwealth-accent members and files.

Sessions Squad

The Sessions Squad monitors, reviews, and manages all QA teams - 2Step, QStep, Stampers, and ASR - including onboarding, probation, reviews, drop-ratio monitoring, team management, feedback, etc. They are responsible for everything session related that is not under a Special Team or Special Project.

The Sessions Squad
  • Tegra A. - Project Lead

    Tegra is responsible for monitoring the progress and training of members of the Reviewer and QA teams, and assisting with the Medical team's HIPAA compliance.

  • Jodi F. - Project Lead

    Jodi is responsible for reviewing and onboarding new and prospective QAs. She also assists in the operation of the Medical team and various other responsibilities across Operations.

Special Styles

The Special Styles team oversees projects with specific style needs. They have an assortment of duties, including recruiting, training, monitoring, and feedback, as well as the setup and maintenance of different workflows and other projects on the WorkHub.

TME Special Styles
  • Patricia W. - TME Project Manager
  • Kate B. - Assistant TME & Special Project Lead
  • Catie D. - Assistant TME & Special Project Lead
  • Janah H. - Assistant TME & Special Project Lead
  • Nicole S. - TME Ambassador
Medical / HIPAA
  • Yuen C. - Medical Director and HIPAA-compliance Coordinator

    Yuen is TM's Medical Director, responsible for recruiting and monitoring Medical TRs and QAs, as well as managing HIPAA offline projects.

  • Jodi F. - Medical / HIPAA Assistant

Languages Segment (non-English)

The Languages Segment manages both transcription and translation for a variety of languages other than English. They have an assortment of duties, including recruiting, training, monitoring, and feedback, as well as the setup and maintenance of different workflows and other projects both offline and on the WorkHub.

Languages Admin
  • Naiara Z. - Languages Project Manager
  • Thalita Z. - Languages Project Lead
  • Ramón G. - Spanish Communication Assistant
  • Kana L. - Japanese Team Manager

The Support Team

The Support team is responsible for providing support to OPs and the crowd team, as well as handling customer inquiries, and assisting Sales, Finance, Marketing, and Tech in resolving issues.

Help Desk

Our helpful Shift Leads man the Help Desk 24/7, responding to tickets from crowd workers, handling customer communications, and monitoring the WorkHub's active workflows.

Help Desk Shift Leads
  • Kyle D. - Support Lead/Assistant Support Manager

    Kyle is an experienced Shift Lead and assists Michelle in supervising the Support team.

  • Puneeth G. - Shift Lead and Customer Support
  • Mia P. - Shift Lead and Customer Support
  • Goran J. - Shift Lead and Customer Support
  • Archimedes F. - ShiftLead and Customer Support

Sales Support

The Sales Support Agent team are responsible for managing customer sales inquiries and quotes, administration duties in CRM software, onboarding new customers, and supporting the Sales team.

Sales Supporters
  • James B. - Sales Support Agent
  • Harkins H. - Sales Support Agent

ASR / R&D / Sales, etc.

  • Katherine W. - ASR Researcher

    Katie is responsible for establishing the processes and work procedures for our Advanced ASR, as well as evaluating outside companies and potential partners.

  • Tammy F. - Senior Outbound Sales

    Tammy oversees the Sales team and makes sure work keeps flowing so everyone has plenty of work! Her catch phrase is "Just wait" - and if you see her say that... just wait.

  • Erin M-S - Inbound Sales Lead

    Erin is the lead for our Inbound Sales team and also serves as a back-up for Customer Support.

Crowd Positions and Roles

TranscribeMe's crowd workers fill an assortment of roles from transcription to review. As a crowd worker, they are directly responsible for meeting the needs of our clients and are the lifeblood of the company. They are highly valued and much appreciated!

The Crowd
  • Transcriber (a.k.a TR)

    The Transcribers are responsible for listening to audio files and converting them to text, based on the TM Style Guide.

  • QuickStep (a.k.a QS)

    These QAs perform all of the transcription in a single file, as well as timestamping, identifying the speakers, and ensuring the file is client ready using TM's Style Guide.

  • 2Step QA

    QA stands for Quality Assurer. These QAs edit the jobs transcribed by TRs in a single file, as well as timestamping, identifying the speakers, and ensuring the file is client ready using TM's Advanced Style.

  • Stamper

    The Stamper team simply adds timestamps and speaker IDs to files without editing text.

  • Reviewer

    The Reviewer team is an invite-only team of QAs with very high accuracy rates, who review QA sessions.

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