Before You Begin

Hello, and welcome to TranscribeMe! This article series will guide you through understanding your WorkHub account once your TranscribeMe account has been activated so you know what to expect and where to go if you run into issues. Please set aside some time to familiarize yourself with and read the following information carefully to understand the TranscribeMe WorkHub.

As you may know, there is no required cost to working on TranscribeMe's platform. Except for certain Special Teams projects, all files are assigned and completed online on our hub. As such, the only equipment required are a computer, a decent set of headphones or earbuds, the latest edition of the Chrome browser, and a stable internet connection.

Required Browser

Our WorkHub is designed to work with the Google Chrome browser. You will need to have the latest version of Chrome to get started. As much as possible, you should also strive to access our platform via a private network, as some public networks such as schools and libraries are known to be incompatible with our hub.


If you ever have technical issues while working on our hub, please carefully follow all the steps outlined in Troubleshooting (My Computer is Doing Weird Things...!). We highly recommend saving a copy of this document for whenever your computer gives you grief, either on our hub or otherwise.

Private Network

Remember that, as much as possible, you should access our site from a private network. Public networks such as at a school or library have been known to be incompatible with our hub.

NEW WorkHub Interface

As of a November tech update, we have a new WorkHub interface! You can access it by clicking the Try out the new Jobs page icon at the top right of your screen, or log in at This requires a separate login page but uses your same TM account email and password. So far the only pages implemented are: Transcription (Jobs), Snippets, and Hotkeys. We hope you like these changes, and see this document for full details on the updates

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