Troubleshooting (My Computer is Doing Weird Things...!)

Whether on the Exams, Transcription, or Sessions tab, the following steps should help overcome issues that arise when the WorkHub and your computer decide they're no longer friends (including the blank Jobs screen).

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Check your link. You should be using THEN,

Make sure Chrome is up to date. In Chrome, click on the More (⋮) icon. If there is an update available, you'll be able to choose Update Google Chrome and Relaunch once the update is done. If you don't see that option, then Chrome is up to date. THEN,

Clear your Cache. In Chrome's browser bar, enter: chrome://settings/clearBrowserData, or go to the Chrome menu > Clear Browsing Data. Select Browsing history, Download history, Cookies and other site and plug-in data, and Cached images and files. Next to Time range, choose All time. Click Clear browsing data. Quit Chrome and re-open. THEN,

Reboot your computer. Shut it down. Start it up. THEN,

Try an Incognito Window. In Chrome, click on the More (⋮) icon in the upper right. Or go to Chrome's File menu and choose New Incognito Window. Try working in the hub from there. THEN,

Check your equipment. Do you have a new router? Newer routers now come with their own firewall protection. Make sure the permissions are set correctly. THEN,

Make sure you're on a private network. Some users have found that firewalls and permission settings interfere with Hub connections when using a public network, such as at a school, cafe, or library. THEN,

Reinstall or Reset Chrome. If none of this has worked, you can try reinstalling Chrome completely. Reinstalling it has been known to fix some problems. You can also "reset" Chrome by going to More > Settings > Advanced Settings > Reset Settings.

Blank White Jobs Screen

If you are getting a blank white screen repeatedly when you click on the Jobs tab (and you have tried steps 1 through 8):
    1. Open the Jobs page.
    2. Open the Chrome Developers Tool Console window by pressing F12. Or press Ctrl + Opt + J (PC). On Mac, press Cmd + Opt + J.
    3. Now switch to the Application tab in the Developers Tool.
    4. Find the Local Storage line in the left menu, expand and click on (or
    5. Find and click on the Clear All icon (a circle with a slash through it) near the Filter input.
    6. Close the Console window.
    7. Close the browser.
    8. Open the WorkHub in a new window. Press Ctrl + F5. For Mac, press Cmd + Shift + R.
    9. Try the Jobs tab.
If all else fails, send a Help Desk ticket (or email To avoid some back and forth, when you raise a ticket with the Help Desk:
    1. Include each of the steps that you've already tried (e.g., "I checked the link I was using, my Chrome is up-to-date, I cleared Chrome's cache, rebooted the computer, tried an Incognito window, reinstalled Chrome")
    2. Open Chrome's Console by pressing F12. Or press Ctrl + Opt + J (PC). On Mac, Cmd + Opt + J.
    3. Take a screenshot of the entire Chrome window. This will give the tech department the coding they need to see what is happening with the hub.

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