Getting Started at TranscribeMe

Welcome to TranscribeMe, and thank you for your interest in becoming a member of our global transcriber team! This document is all about completing transcription files on the Jobs/Transcription page and will guide you through understanding the general transcription work that will become available to you upon passing the English Entrance Exam. Please read the following information thoroughly to understand the Transcription interface, TM's policies and expectations pertaining to Transcribers, as well as frequently encountered questions or issues that may arise in your work at TranscribeMe.

There are real opportunities to have a rewarding career with our fast-growing company, with positions from Transcriber all the way up to Project Manager. Best of all, you can enjoy this challenge from the comfort of your own home. We look forward to seeing you online!

TranscribeMe! Operations Team

Work and Advancement Opportunities

Once you have been accepted to our platform, you will become a Transcriber for TranscribeMe and work on short chunks of audio known as jobs. These will not be full audio files, but rather 2-to-8-minute pieces of a file that have been sliced up once a client uploads their audio.

To increase the amount of work available to you, be sure to take the advancement exams that TranscribeMe has to offer. For more information about these exams and TM's Special Teams, please read TranscribeMe Opportunities for the most up-to-date information.


Help Desk: If you have any issues with a file or have a question, please create a Help Desk ticket. See our Help Desk article for details about submitting tickets.

Yammer: Yammer is our online community network. Registration with Yammer is mandatory once you have been accepted as a General Transcriber. Please see our Registering on Yammer article if you have not yet registered.

Troubleshooting: If you ever encounter technical difficulties on our platform (or computer issues in general), follow the steps in our Troubleshooting article to get your computer in shipshape again!

Further Resources: Our team is constantly striving to provide additional training materials to help you hone your craft. Be sure to check out the training materials linked in our handy dandy Index of Helpful Links - be sure to "Follow" this document on Yammer so that you are always notified of any updates! - and check out our video training series here on YouTube.

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